Sharpen your wits and have fun thanks to one of these apps to exercise your brain. We bring you a small list of applications for both Android and iOS that, once downloaded, you will not be able to stop playing. Do you dare?

Brain Training Apps

A few days ago we taught you to keep fit during the quarantine of the COVID-19 thanks to apps sport now show you how to keep your brain healthy and also entertained. Two in one, you can not complain. In addition, it is very simple, and there are countless apps to exercise your brain out there. We have prepared a list of the best ones.

Before listing these tools, we make a small stop along the way to recommend another way to exercise your mind. If you want to know what pasta that head is made of, you’re going to have a lot of fun testing yourself with general culture tests and questionnaires to get your COI.

Now yes, let’s go with those apps to exercise your brain. Prepared?

Left vs. Right

We start strong. If you are looking to test your conscience, reasoning, precision and patience, you can already go looking for this app in the store. It is a tool that offers more than 50 games to train the mind. In addition, you can create a user where you can see your progress and challenge yourself.

You can schedule small workouts of around 10 minutes each day. Save yourself a gap in the morning so that, from the sofa, you can have fun with the games of the different categories that ‘Left vs. Right ‘.


It is a tool with, above all, logic games. Thanks to simple games you will be able to improve your memory, train reflexes and mental speed. As you get to pass their fun levels, you can see how you are much faster.

94 seconds

Fun multiplayer game to prove that you are the fastest. Surely you get hooked. How does it work? Very simple, starting with a letter and a category, you should search for words that start with that letter and are related to the category. You will have a 94-second limit.

Once that time is over, the points and words that each player has obtained will be counted. The winner will be the person with the longest, rarest and least repetitive words.


Without a doubt, one of the most complete apps to train your brain. Currently, it has around 100 million downloads, and it is that Lumosity offers a huge number of games and quizzes. Brain training programs designed to test your critical thinking, memory and problem-solving skills.

Jappy, to learn with the little ones
In this case, we recommend a Movistar App for you to test the smallest of the house.

Through Movistar +, you can access the Jappy App from the top menu of the screen. Inside, in addition to video clips and educational songs, you will find a section called ” Jappy Educa ” where children can learn things about the months of the year, emotions or even how to make good use of the Internet.