Influencers have been one of the world’s strongest advertising investments for years. However, the coronavirus is also affecting them fully. In the past few weeks, many companies have reported that they completely cancelled any advertising action until this is all over. But, while it ends, one of the sectors affected is that of influencers. Well, until now, many of them made a living solely from this type of work.

end of influencers

During quarantine, we are using all devices more, and yet brands are stopping investing in celebrity advertising. Although the engagement and clicks are increasing, the investment is declining.

Why is investment falling?

The sectors that had the most influencers among their advertising campaigns were the so-called “of desire”, mainly fashion and tourism, and both have been brought to a halt by the pandemic.

Brands are no longer interested in continuing to show how wonderful their product is, but rather how necessary it is. Therefore, they do not need to promote it with much decorum. Thus, companies pay less and celebrities to accept it by lowering their rates.

What are influencers doing now?
At the end of March, the Ministry of Health contacted a list of influential people in order to transmit the message “stay home” to young people.

Many of them published posts to encourage all their followers to join the movement to stop the curve. An example of this was Dulceida, who has more than 2.7 million followers.

Other activities they are performing during the pandemic is online fundraising. Thus, the Italian Chiara Ferragni, with almost 20 million followers, launched an initiative to buy medical supplies for a hospital in Milan. She, together with her husband, invested 100,000 euros and in 11 hours raised 2 million euros.

Perhaps it is the end of influencers, as we know them until now, but if they are showing anything, it is that they are also capable of adapting to moments of crisis.